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We would love the opportunity to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Services offered: Chiropractic Care, Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program, Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, ArpWave Therapy, Life Coaching.

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We would love the opportunity to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Dr. Jersey Wulster, DC, CEC, CIC - Chiropractic Physician, Professor at County College of Morris, Homeopathic Physician, Certified Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Life Coach,Teacher and Healer

Dr. Jersey is a practicing Chiropractic Physician since 1983 in Denville and has worked toward creating a place of healing and balance. Dr. Jersey is a certified Loomis graduate for Enzyme Therapy, a classically trained Homeopath, graduate of The Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching and a Certified Integrative Coach from the Ford Institute at JFK University. She is also a certified positive discipline parents coach. We are multi-dimensional beings that require the unique balance of mind, body, soul and emotion. Our purpose is creating opportunities to achieve that balance.

Dr. Wanda, Ph.D., RN, CNC, CEC - Certified Nutritional Consultant, Enzyme Therapist, Life Coach for mind, mood and addiction

Dr. Wanda has practiced functional nutrition for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the Loomis Institute for Enzyme Therapy, specializing in enzymatic and digestive health. Dr. Wanda utilizes state of the art functional testing to determine metabolic imbalances and deficiencies in order to establish specific individual needs of a patient. “Health begins in the gut.” She is also a graduate of the Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaches.

Tricia Best, BA, CMT - Certified Massage Therapist, Doula, Bradley Method Instructor

Tricia Best has been a practicing massage therapist doing deep tissue, shiatsu and Swedish massages since 1985. She is the mother of six, a seminar leader, certified doula, (birth assistant) and a Bradley Method instructor. Her passion and dedication for the healing of mothers and children is unyielding.

Office Manager - Dawn

Office Staff - Barbara, Patti, Sonya

We also believe that it is our birthright to be whole and healthy. True wellness and balance comes from the inside - out. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to learn, heal, choose and flourish in mind, body, soul and emotion.