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We would love the opportunity to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Executive Coaching

Marketsmith Executive Team Gets Coached Blog

By: Anne Picone, General Manager at Marketsmith, Inc.

The core mission at Marketsmith is to do great work so we can do good things. This is our inclusive mission – for everyone, from our new hires to our Executive Team. For while it’s important for our executives to be great leaders and managers, we also rank spreading kindness and doing good for the world as their most important goal.

Certified life coach, Dr. Jersey Wulster, recently worked with our Executive team. Wulster offered our team inspiring advice on life strategies as well as leadership tactics. Our executives were asked to examine their own styles of leading, while recognizing their strengths as well as areas of improvement by performing a self-assessment, and how they could use their self-awareness to be better managers and global citizens. She also inspired the team to take risks, and face obstacles head-on.

Dr. Wulster emphasized that we can conquer anything in life with the right strategy, whether the challenge is in business or in our personal lives.

Not only are we constantly offered opportunities to excel at Marketsmith, but we are always challenged. We believe in growth, and know that we are unstoppable when it comes to learning and improvement. That is why we provide our team with the best resources and inspiration to be great, to ensure that their enthusiasm and intelligence of our brand is passed down to every member of our team. And that is what allows us to thrive as a successful marketing powerhouse – and why we are #winningatmarketsmith.

One of our favorite quotes from the presentation was from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

Thanks, Dr. Wulster, for an enlightening session.