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We would love the opportunity to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Lower Back Pain

First visit: June 2013

The first thing Dr. Jersey said to me when we met was "you look like you're in pain." I nodded. We talked and she said what most people say when they find out my history "you're too young for all of this." I'm 23 years old and have been dealing with chronic back pain for 5 years. Then she said something that no one has said before "you can live a pain free life."

The pain started my senior year of high school after playing field hockey for four years. I couldn't stand/walk for more than an hour. I really couldn't do much of anything - carrying my books was a challenge. After some testing it was determined that I had a herniated disc and pinched nerves in my left lower back. I got three epidurals throughout my senior year of high school. None of them worked. My doctor gave me options: another epidural in 6 months, pain killers for the rest of my life, or surgery. Chiropractic care was never discussed. Epidurals weren't working and to this day I have no idea why people like pain killers because they made me feel awful. So my parents and I mad a decision - surgery. Long story, short, I don't recommend it. No one told me until Dr. Jersey that the surgery I got only had an average of a two year success rate.

My surgery was January 2010. It stopped working in the summer of 2012. From that summer until the summer of 2013, I swear I was living in worse pain that I was in before the surgery. I couldn't go shopping, go on roller coasters, hike, run, dance, drive or walk on the beach. Everything after a certain amount of time - often 5 minutes - was very, very painful. Most nights I couldn't walk, I had to stop working out, I couldn't even wear heels. My senior year of college I didn't do much other than lay on a heating pad and take medicine.

May of 2013 my pain management doctor recommended a chiropractor. In June 2013, my life changed.

Dr. Jersey made more of an impact in two weeks than all oft the other doctors combined. It's been 5 months since I started seeing Dr. Jersey and I've never felt better.

I haven't taken a single pain pill in 5 months after taking them almost daily for a year.

My stress level is much lower with no pain. I can stand and walk for hours with no pain. I can do low impact workouts. Most importantly, I feel amazing and feel like I have my life back.

Of course, there are some limitations but I AM living pain free which is something I never thought would happen.

Jersey Wellness Center gave me my life back and I could not be more thankful.

Amanda E.