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Since 1983, Jersey Wellness Center has helped thousands of people live healthier lives. We are grateful for the years of practice in Denville and humbled by the recommendations of family and friends to our practice over the years. Our goal is to help individuals and families live a drug free, pain free, healthy lifestyle everyday of their life.

Given the option, most people would prefer to get and stay healthy because this helps avoid pain, injury, illness and disease. We can help you achieve this goal naturally and safely using Chiropractic Care and other healthcare alternatives such as ArpWave Therapy, Nutrition, Enzyme Therapy, Homeopathy, Vitamins and Supplements, Ideal Protein Weight Loss and Life Coaching.

Dr. Jersey Wulster and the team at Jersey Wellness Center is here to help you achieve your best health and wellness goals. You will never be “just a number” in our office. We understand and value the fact that every individual is unique and different and so are your health and medical needs.

Living with pain, illness or injury should not be an option. We are here to help. Our goal is to help people get well and live their healthiest life. Staying healthy is your best insurance policy.

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“We create balance one person at a time”… Dr. Jersey Wulster