We are happy to share with you that many of the staff members at Jersey Wellness Center have been part of our team for many years.

Although, we have lost a few good employees over the years but for good reason; starting a family, moving, grand kids and retiring. We are always grateful that we employee dedicated staff that share their love of health and wellness.

Functional Nutrition and Enzyme Therapy – Dr. Wanda has been helping patients achieve better health and wellness with the support of nutrition, vitamins, supplements and enzyme therapy. Many patients are able to reduce or eliminate prescription medications by balancing their body needs naturally with nutrition and supplementation. With current stress levels and our food chain dynamics, people are depleting their bodies own natural ability to heal itself. Dr. Wanda gets to the root of the problem and assists people restore their health naturally.

Office Manager – Dawn has been our fearless leader of the office since 1997. Her gift of tackling any task, organization and follow through make the office run smoothly and stay up to date with industry standards. Dawn’s focus is always all about a great patient experience and customer service. Patients can focus on getting well without being confused or bogged down by paperwork and insurance.

Front Desk Office Staff – Our front desk staff member is the first person that will greet you in our office. They will welcome you with a smile at every visit. Focusing on customer service, you are not just a number in our office. We truly care about you and your health concerns.