For all of our patients kind words, referrals and testimonials, we THANK YOU. Our best compliments are referrals from our current patients.

We value our patients’ experience at Jersey Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

I’ve been using Dr Jersey for a number of years now. She is a highly skilled, caring, compassionate practitioner who treats not only the spine, but the whole person. Her staff is competent and very accommodating. I highly recommend this practice for anyone seeking optimum health care through chiropractic.

– Ann M.

I have been visiting Dr Jersey for several years. She has kept me pain free the entire time ! She is professional, compassionate and kind. She always manages to change my appt if I get called in to work and never rushes me while I am there. She is truly the best !!!

– Christine L.

Dr. Jersey is such a smart and well rounded Dr. There is practically nothing she can’t help you with but if she can’t she will help you find someone who can!!!!!

– John P.

Dr. Jersey is an AMAZING soul! She cares, knows her stuff, understands body mechanics, and gets RESULTS!!! I’m training for the 2013 NYC Marathon and because of her care, I’ve been able to recover from injuries. Today, I had one of the MOST powerful & exhilarating runs after her chiropractic adjustment. THANK YOU!!! I am eternally grateful for all you do…for keeping this running girl on the move to her 26.2 dreams!

– Christina M.

Neck Pain Ringing Ears

Occupation: Massage Therapist

“I was referred to Dr. Jersey by another client of mine as well as talking with several other people who raved how great she was. To tell you the truth, I was not big on Chiropractors, but I had injured my neck and I usually bounce back quickly by working on myself. But for some reason, this time, was different so I went to see Dr. Jersey. She sat with me on the first visit, asked me several questions and before you know it, she had prescribed two homeopathic meds/vitamins to me. I had also received an adjustment. I want to say form the bottom of my heart, she was the angel sent from God. My client who I’ve worked with for many asked me what I was on – that she had not seen me this happy in years. I began to tell her about the stress adrenal support supplement and the adjustments. I have to say that I have not felt this good in years. I would recommend Dr. Jersey to my clients as well. All I have to say is Thank You…..”

– Michelle B.

“Dr. Jersey is a wonderful Doctor. Every time I come to see her I fell better. Most recently, I had terrible neck pain. Dr. Jersey started me with an electrode treatment. I felt so great I fell into a deep sleep. Then she massaged my neck before she adjusted it. After my first appointment, I was 80% better. After two appointments, I was 100% better. Dr. Jersey is knowledgeable and professional and she is a blessing in my life.”

Lower Back Pain

First visit: June 2013

The first thing Dr. Jersey said to me when we met was “you look like you’re in pain.” I nodded. We talked and she said what most people say when they find out my history “you’re too young for all of this.” I’m 23 years old and have been dealing with chronic back pain for 5 years. Then she said something that no one has said before “you can live a pain free life.”

The pain started my senior year of high school after playing field hockey for four years. I couldn’t stand/walk for more than an hour. I really couldn’t do much of anything – carrying my books was a challenge. After some testing it was determined that I had a herniated disc and pinched nerves in my left lower back. I got three epidurals throughout my senior year of high school. None of them worked. My doctor gave me options: another epidural in 6 months, pain killers for the rest of my life, or surgery. Chiropractic care was never discussed. Epidurals weren’t working and to this day I have no idea why people like pain killers because they made me feel awful. So my parents and I mad a decision – surgery. Long story, short, I don’t recommend it. No one told me until Dr. Jersey that the surgery I got only had an average of a two year success rate.

My surgery was January 2010. It stopped working in the summer of 2012. From that summer until the summer of 2013, I swear I was living in worse pain that I was in before the surgery. I couldn’t go shopping, go on roller coasters, hike, run, dance, drive or walk on the beach. Everything after a certain amount of time – often 5 minutes – was very, very painful. Most nights I couldn’t walk, I had to stop working out, I couldn’t even wear heels. My senior year of college I didn’t do much other than lay on a heating pad and take medicine.

May of 2013 my pain management doctor recommended a chiropractor. In June 2013, my life changed.

Dr. Jersey made more of an impact in two weeks than all oft the other doctors combined. It’s been 5 months since I started seeing Dr. Jersey and I’ve never felt better.

I haven’t taken a single pain pill in 5 months after taking them almost daily for a year.

My stress level is much lower with no pain. I can stand and walk for hours with no pain. I can do low impact workouts. Most importantly, I feel amazing and feel like I have my life back.

Of course, there are some limitations but I AM living pain free which is something I never thought would happen.

Jersey Wellness Center gave me my life back and I could not be more thankful.

– Amanda E.

Executive Coaching


By: Anne P., General Manager at Marketsmith, Inc.

The core mission at Marketsmith is to do great work so we can do good things. This is our inclusive mission – for everyone, from our new hires to our Executive Team. For while it’s important for our executives to be great leaders and managers, we also rank spreading kindness and doing good for the world as their most important goal.

Certified life coach, Dr. Jersey Wulster, recently worked with our Executive team. Wulster offered our team inspiring advice on life strategies as well as leadership tactics. Our executives were asked to examine their own styles of leading, while recognizing their strengths as well as areas of improvement by performing a self-assessment, and how they could use their self-awareness to be better managers and global citizens. She also inspired the team to take risks, and face obstacles head-on.

Dr. Wulster emphasized that we can conquer anything in life with the right strategy, whether the challenge is in business or in our personal lives.

Not only are we constantly offered opportunities to excel at Marketsmith, but we are always challenged. We believe in growth, and know that we are unstoppable when it comes to learning and improvement. That is why we provide our team with the best resources and inspiration to be great, to ensure that their enthusiasm and intelligence of our brand is passed down to every member of our team. And that is what allows us to thrive as a successful marketing powerhouse – and why we are #winningatmarketsmith.

One of our favorite quotes from the presentation was from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

Thanks, Dr. Wulster, for an enlightening session.

Marathon Tlc

Best Holistic Center

“Jersey Wellness Center is the best Holistic Center I have ever been to. The Doctor’s here are very caring, supportive and address your needs. I have suffered with health issues for over 20 years. I am seeing results that I could not have imagined. This center has helped me through desperate and difficult times. I feel very blessed to have found them.”

– Janet F.